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Three Uncles Launch Two Bespoke Craft Beers

For us, there are few things better than enjoying a crisp beer alongside a perfect plate of roast duck rice. So, we are delighted to announce that we have created two new craft beers that pair perfectly with our Cantonese BBQ.

Introducing to the family:

A classic clean and easy drinking lager with a malt sweetness layered with crisp dry hops notes of lemon and spice. Easy drinking and doesn't overpower the subtle sweet & savoury flavours of Cantonese cuisine.

A hoppy Indian Pale Ale with notes of citrus and berry aroma palate cleansing bitterness.

We had a lot of fun making these beers in collaboration with Battersea’s Belleville Brewery (a long time favourite London brewery of The Uncles) who specialise in bold flavoured beers made properly - with quality hops, malts and seasonal ingredients.

Finally, the cans were designed with a play on our logo and the urban Hong Kong skyline in mind, with a textured matt label and aluminum finish. With a blue label for lager, and red for IPA.

If all this beer talk is making you thirsty, you can find our new beers in our following outlets with alcohol licenses:

- St Paul’s, 3 Old Bailey
- Camden Hawley Wharf
- Brixton Village, 19 Granville Arcade

Cheers to our latest beer collab with Belleville Brewery

20/03/24, 13:56

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